Is Finviz the Best Stock Screener: Full Overview of Platform

Finviz is one of the most popular stock screeners on the market, widely used by investors, traders & major financial institutions everyday. Finviz is a very powerful tool that investors can use for free.

I believe Finviz to be an essential part of my research when looking at companies to invest in. I use the Elite version of the software, but the free subscription that is available is very good for beginners using the platform. The table below shows what features you get based on your subscription:

FeatureFreeFINVIZ Elite
Quotes, Charts, Screening TimingDelayedRealtime
Maps, Insider Trades Timing3-5 minRealtime
Intraday Charts
Advanced Charts, Technical Studies
Technical Studies Backtest
Email AlertsPrice, Insider Movement, Rating, News
Fundamental ChartsEPS, Sales, Shares
Company Statements3 years8 years
Portfolios per UserMax 50Max 100
Tickers per PortfolioMax 50Max 100
Screener PresetsMax 50Max 100
Screener Rows per Page (table / charts / snapshots)20 / 36 / 10Max 100 / 120 / 50
Screener Chart Export
Screener Custom Ranges Function
What Can I Customise?Layout, SignalsLayout, Signals
From Finviz Website Finviz Elite: $24.96 per month

Not only is Finviz used by everyday investors, but major financial corporations such as Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & Wells Fargo also use this platform to screen for potential investments. So you’ll be in good company using this software to find investments.

The best feature on the free version of Finviz is the screener itself. Stock screeners such as Trade Ideas and EquityFeed may be more powerful, but Finviz offers theres for free. Which is a good enough reason for me to jump on board.

Where you would pay nearly $2,300 per year to use Trade Ideas stock screener, you can get 90% of the tools for $24.96 per month, or 50% of the tools for free from Finviz.

Overview of Finviz Elite Features

Finviz Review 900x900

By subscribing to Finviz Elite you will be able to access not only the stock screener but all of this:

  • Real-Time & Extended Hours Stock Quotes with Premarket Movement Indicators.
  • Backtesting Capabilities to Improve your Trading Strategies and Apply them to Real Market Conditions.
  • Correlations and Performance Tracking to Find Alternative Positions to Place Trades to Diversify your Risk.
  • Advanced Data from the Stock Screener with the Capability to Export your Results to Excel or CSV files.
  • Alerts and Notifications through Email, with Instant Triggers you can set on Price, News Stories, Ratings and Insider Movements.

Some of those features might make your mind explode if you’re just getting started in stock trading. But once you use the Finviz system it will become clear as the outline of the platform is quite nicely laid-out.

Finviz Platform in a Nutshell

Finviz Platform
From PainFreeInvesting Admin Account

As you will see, all the features are across the top bar of the screen, all of the tabs will be viewable from the free account, however some will not be available when clicked. Such as the Backtests.

Now… It looks crowded, but I love the layout. It shows me these 4 key things:

  1. The movements of the biggest companies in each major sector on the maps.
  2. The biggest winners and losers of the day.
  3. Graph’s of the stock exchanges I choose, so I know the overall movement of the market.
  4. The proportion of buyers and sellers on the market via the ‘Bull’ ‘Bear’ bars.

Each section of the platform follows this general format, where you can add or delete sections you don’t want to see. Lets move onto the main features I use day to day on Finviz:

#1. Stock Screener

Finviz Stock Screener

The stock screener looks like this, you can obviously enter the criteria you want the software to look for when choosing a company.

You can set criteria based on 3 different factors:

  • Company description eg. Dividend Yield, Market Cap, Industry.
  • Fundamental Factors eg. PE Ratio, EPS Growth, Debt/Equity.
  • Technical characteristics eg. 50 day moving average, Volatility, Trend.

This is a powerful, it allows you to set criteria as specific or as broad as possible. Then it will search through every exchange in the world and give you companies that match your data set.

The only thing to consider is… Don’t be too strict with your criteria, as the more constraints you have, the less the software will be able to find.

#2. News Stories

Finviz News Section

This is just a small screenshot of what the actual news section is. It logs all relevant news stories about the companies saved in your portfolio in time order from most recent, along with the source of the news.

The blog feature is very under-rated as this will give opinions of real traders in real time.

The only drawback to this feature is the vetting of the stories. Finviz can’t choose which stories you see, so you will see all of them. This means some will come through that are false, or clickbait. So only take notice of the sources you trust.

For beginners on the free version of Finviz, this is where I would spend most of my time. Learning about companies, reading others opinions, and soaking up major news stories. You’ll soon be able to realise which news stories matter more than others, and what affect they have on the market.

#3. The Maps & Bubbles

Finviz Maps

Again, this is a screenshot of a portion of the page.

For day traders, this is a great tool to use, to see which sectors are performing well, and which companies inside the industries are exceeding the average.

As you can tell, it is based on a colour system, where the lighter green a stock gets the more growth. Then the lighter red the stock gets the more reduction in price.

When you hover over a certain industry block, it will give you a run down of the companies, and how much each has grown in the time period you have set on the left…

So as you can see, I have changed the time frame to 1 months performance. And we can see that Microsoft who is the market leader in Software Infrastructure has grown 2.50%, whereas Adobe has fallen 6.09%.

The maps are organised by Market Cap, so the companies with the highest market cap will appear largest.

#4. Insider Movement Tracker

Finviz Insider Feature

For long term investors, seeing what the insiders are doing is great knowledge. This feature pulls data directly from the SEC’s database and lets you know who is buying and who is selling.

For example, if Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft starting selling shares in his own company. It would send a message to investors that the board members are not confident in company’s future.

So, from this page you can choose to filter all transactions to, only buy’s, or only sell’s. Unfortunately you can’t filter to see specific companies as this is organised by time of submission to the SEC. To find specific companies you’ll have to use CTRL+F and search the page manually.

Another great way to find juicy information is by using the “Top Insider Trading Recent Week” or the “Top 10% Owner Trading”. This way you will only see major movements made by top executives.

For example General Electric Co, who is an acting Director of Baker Hughes Company sold 38,007,041 of their shares in the company on 25th Jan 2021. Leaving them with zero. This is a clear sign the board of General Electric Co show no confidence in Baker Hughes.

#5. Company View

When you click into a company, it gives you these items:

  • A full chart with moving averages, resistance lines, and trade volume.
  • A full stock quote with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly changes.
  • Investor analysis from the likes of Goldman Sachs, UBS, Raymond Jones, and Wells Fargo.
  • News stories relating to the company and its executives.
  • Income and Equity Statements for the prior 8 years.
  • Insider trading figures.

Access to this feature is free, which really makes Finviz our pick for investors.

You can also access all of these features for forex, crypto’s, and futures. However these are advanced trading vehicles which a lot of people lose money on.

Why we Like Finviz

Other than the features mentioned above, we have compiled some reasons why we think Finviz is above the rest. These are things you might never know exist, but they are essential to your investing journey.

Finviz Collaborate

Finviz has recently opened a private discussion platform where investors can interact with each other. This is a free feature, however users must register with an email address. You can register here!

Customer Service

The customer service on Finviz isn’t the best in the world, but it’s got everything you need.

You can contact a Finviz representative via the contact page at the bottom of the site. Simply email them your query and replies in my experience take between 2 – 5 days. There is also an online forum where regular questions are answered.

Easy to Get Involved

All you need to get started with Finviz is an email address and password for the platform. If you want to upgrade to Finviz Elite, you can do so once your account is registered.

The only thing Finviz asks you to do, is confirm your email address upon registration.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can sign up to Finviz Elite risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee. All you need to do to claim your refund is contact Finviz via email with your reason for cancellation.

No reasons have ever been denied refund, so even if you just want to try the Elite version out for a couple of weeks, you can then get your money back.

If you use our unique affiliate link to register an account, you will not only support our free blog. But you will also get a 14 day free trial. Thank you in advance for your support:

Final Thoughts about Finviz

I think the free version of Finviz is worth a go for any investor, so get on it. But I’ll go over my thoughts for people thinking about getting Finviz Elite.

I think for the amount you pay for a monthly subscription, as an active investor it is money well spent. You don’t have to have 3 different news sites, 4 different earnings reports, and 8 charts open at the same time, you can find it all under one roof.

However, for new traders, stick to the free subscription until your trading technique is consistent, and you have committed to your choice.

The last thing I want to say before we go into the pros and cons is… Finviz is by far the cheapest stock screener on the market with this kind of processing power. Like I mentioned earlier, Trade Ideas is almost $2,300 per year. Whereas Finviz is $299.50, there is no contest on price.

Even other cheap stock screeners like Stock Rover ($7.99 per month) and Trading View ($15.00 per month) just don’t have the capabilities Finviz does. Ever ‘cheap’ stock screener lacks an essential feature. Finviz has all premium features wrapped up in a $299.50 package.

***You can get a monthly subscription to Finviz Elite for $39.50 or an annual subscription for $299.50 ($24.96 per month).

Pros & Cons of Finviz


  • Finviz Elite subscription can be cancelled at anytime with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Has great insider trading feeds that offer real time share movements from company executives.
  • Designed for both beginner and professional traders/investors.
  • Filtering criteria allows users to find niche companies relating to their needs with the click of a button.
  • User-friendly interface with 24/7 customer service.
  • Save watchlists, portfolios, and hot stocks on your home page.
  • Receive immediate alerts about companies in your portfolio’s or watchlists eg. Price, insider selling, major news update.
  • You can pay for an annual subscription which is cheaper than a monthly.


  • The amount of information given on a single page can be overwhelming.
  • The free service has on page ads that can be annoying.
  • The free version lacks key tools that give essential details about companies.

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