My Holdings

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This page will show every company, ETF, and bond I own. I will try and update this as much as possible, but as I rarely sell entire positions, you might not see big changes.

Passive Dividend Pie – Trading 212

This pie is where I hold my long term dividend stocks. I invest in large cap stocks that offer high dividend yields to capitalise on the compounding interest of asset appreciation mixed with re-investing my dividends.

Using Trading 212’s new ‘share my pie’ option, you can have a look at it yourself using the button below.

I have been investing in this pie since September 2019, so it is relatively new. But, as you will see, most the companies in this portfolio are heavy hitting aristocrats.

I plan to add to this pie every month as a dollar cost averaging investment. Some more companies might get added along the way also.


I am not a financial advisor, this page is for entertainment and discussion purposes only. Please complete your own research before investing money in the stock market.