Fair Value Calculators

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PainFreeInvesting has New Value Calculators we want you to have!

If you want to master your skills as an investor, this is a perfect place to start. Understanding where the analysts get their figures is the first step in understanding what a good investment looks like.

I have produced some Google Sheets with easy to follow calculations all ready made for you. These calculators along with our Stock Picker Checklist are cornerstones to my company research, I never invest in a stock without them.

These are free for you to use, and a video will be provided showing you how to use them properly. All I ask is for a name and email to send the spreadsheets too.

The first spreadsheet I’ve created is a portfolio rebalancing calculator. This is used to rebalance your portfolio after it has drifted, or when you add more money to your account. You will receive a link to a YouTube video on how to use the spreadsheet. It is important to rebalance your portfolio allocations to manage your risk.

The Intrinsic Value calculator. This spreadsheet is probably going to become your most valued asset. Most people Google the intrinsic value of companies, but if you understand how the value is calculated, it puts you in a more informed position to make a decision. As we all know, an informed investor is a safe investor. This value calculator uses a companies cash flow to evaluate future growth.

The second Intrinsic Value calculator. Much like the first one but this uses a companies earnings to evaluate future movements in profit. You want to have at least 2 pieces of evidence that a company is going to grow, the 2 best ways to get this evidence is through the intrinsic value of the cash flow, and the earnings.

You can get your FREE Stock Picker Checklist Here!

This Stock Picker Checklist has been in the making for almost 6 months. Chris has spent hours researching and testing this list to make it just right for our members to have.

It is not only a good indicator of underlying value, it is also a tool you can use to test market trends and predict movement.