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Investing should be performed with the same principles as building a house:

  1. Educate yourself on the topic and learn how to maximise your effort.
  2. Build on a solid foundation with the best materials.
  3. Use the best tools in the correct way.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching companies and building my investment portfolio. These items have been tried and tested and have gained a 5 star rating from me.

Not only do I believe these products/services to be the best on the market, I have some tips on how to improve your experience with them.

Keep in mind, some of these resources are free to use, or on the lower end of the price bracket. My goal on this page is to recommend products or services that are priced really well, but still maintaining high quality. These are all items I use myself.

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Just a quick disclaimer. I have shared my current holdings, this will be updated as often as possible as indicated by the date on the page. You should not take this as financial advice, I am not a financial advisor, and you should always do your own research before investing money.

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In Early 2020 we started another business related site called Business Minded.

This site was created to help the small business owners around the world with admin, efficiency, processes, technology and software. We also have a section purposely build to help people become more productive.

Productivity software, ideas, schemes, and mental exercised to increase motivation and help get things done!

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