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We Want Investing to be Pain Free!

The financial markets are littered with bad advisors, unreadable reports, and straight up bulls**t terms used to confuse people without finance degrees!

The language of the Wall Street Whales, and Investing Elitists needs to come to an end. The Stock Market and business world is available to all and should accommodate its inhabitance. This is not ‘dumbing it down’… This is involving smart, capable people in a world where wealth, financial security, and long lived success is highly achievable.

Pain Free Investing is an investing and personal finance blog and YouTube channel that teaches people the fundamentals on money management, and how to build wealth through many different forms of investing. We are geared towards the new investor looking to learn about the different options they have when investing their money.

Pain Free Investing is best known for its popular blog & YouTube channel which has become a learning hub for beginner and intermediate investors striving to gain powerful knowledge that applies to their investing journey.

“Rule No.1: Never lose money! Rule No.2: Never forget Rule No.1”

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Founder: Chris Race

Chris Race bought Pain Free Investing in April 2020. After running his other successful blog Business Minded, he felt the need to branch out into other sectors. To fully understand the equity markets, you must first understand the underlying businesses.

His goal is to create a learning hub, and investing community, where beginners, self-taught investors, and experts can gather to discuss the world markets. While this type of community is in the pipeline, Chris wanted to share his own knowledge in the hopes of developing a strong fanbase that would follow him in his dream of making Stock Market Investing available to everyone.

Fuel Your Investing Knowledge

Choosing where to start is the first step in any journey. Here’s a few ideas to help you on your way, there is no wrong decision… Only no decision!

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Get started with easy-to-use, easy-to-understand brokerage platforms. Platforms such as eToro, M1 Finance, & Trading 212 feature in our reviews.

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The best investors use the best research tools… Now those can be expensive, but because you’re reading Pain Free Investing. It’s nothing but Free tools such as Finviz.

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Value calculators include things such as earnings potential, intrinsic value, and fair value. We make our own via spreadsheet which are available for FREE download.

Other Stuff we’re Working on:


This is another project Chris has on the go. It was started to help people gain the necessary knowledge about starting a business and making it work for them. Side hustles, online business, doing what you love. It can all seem scary, but we are here to ease your anxiety. Just ask a question.

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The Pain Free Investing YouTube Channel

Getting off the ground in 2021, Chris alongside some of his team will be coming to you in video form!!!! Asking complex questions that need to be answered on a whiteboard, and looking to you for crazy questions during a live stream so you can get the most from the experience.

Our Audience is Awesome!

We reward our audience. With an email list closing in on 20,000 members, we are constantly giving free investing lessons, free tools for you to test out, and all email subscribers have the option of joining our private Facebook group that allows budding investors to ask direct questions to others and get fast and reliable answers, all of which are regulated by our team at Pain Free Investing.

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