Chris Race

Chris Race is a full-time accountant and a self funded stock market investor. Founder of Pain Free Investing and Business Minded. He has years of experience investing in equity markets, and has worked closely with many wealth managers in the UK to help his clients manage their money.

My Work Story

In September 2015 I started my Mathematics degree at Sheffield Hallam University… In October 2015, I was bored and thinking about quitting. Long story short, I completed the first year of my degree with great grades, but felt like my time was better spent doing something else.

From a very young age I had always had an interest in business and investing, most of my motivation coming from watching The Apprentice with Alan Sugar. Seeing how silly some of the contestants were really made me think… I could do a better job!

Little did I know, leaving University with no money and no qualification was harder than it sounded. So I got myself a sales job at a glove manufacturer… Which lasted 3 months. Glove sales wasn’t my forte, but what I did notice was, the business owners didn’t have a clue how their own company was doing. That was when I realised… Accountancy and finance was the way forward for business owners.

Training as an accountant gave me insights about business management a regular business owner would never know. Being part of a small accountancy firm allowed me to take on more responsibility, such as business management and financial analysis of companies I was working closely with.

I then took the skills I’d learnt at work, and expanded on them. Making my area of expertises larger was my idea of being worth more money, but what I soon became aware of, it’s not the knowledge you know, it’s how you put it in practice.

Giving business and investing advice to clients was going well, but I was still only my paycheque at the end of the month. So I started to take my own advice, and start investing in the stock market.

I’m not going to lie… There was a few bumps along the road. But I am now not getting 1 paycheque, not even 2 paycheques, I control my income with the investments I make, and my future is secure because of it.

Fast Forward to 2020, and the market crash.

Everyday I see adverts on YouTube and Facebook asking regular working people to give up hard earned cash for a sub-par investing course that they should be able to get for free.

So I created Pain Free Investing. A site to help the everyday person invest for their future.

Don’t get me wrong, you might see the occasional ad or affiliate link, but every single piece of information on this website will be available to you for free!